Friday, May 16, 2014


Dear Hearts,

I was born under not only a wandering star, but a lucky one.

No life is perfect. However, mine has allowed me to indulge an insatiable curiosity for seeing what is on the other side of that bridge, across that river, beyond that horizon. As you may have noticed, I love to travel.

A change of scene has forever been the spark that kindles my inner fire.

Some people­–and they are perfectly lovely people–are content to admire the same view from the same chair year in, year out. This does not suit me. Too long in one place, however beautiful, and I am inclined to snarl like a lioness cheated out of a juicy gazelle.

When I and my knitting seem to consist of nothing but snarls, my husband has been known to leave my passport on the mantelpiece in a meaningful fashion. He understands that the best way to smooth my furrowed brow (or my rumpled knitting) is to suggest I consider life from a new perspective.

A road less traveled in Assisi, Italy.

And here's the thing: A new perspective is easy to find. It does not require expensive tickets to an international destination–alluring as those may be. If you can go to Dubrovnik, by all means go to Dubrovnik (and let me know when you're going–the view from Cafe Buza in Old Town is to die for, and Marco makes the perfect dry Martini).

But if you cannot, look around you.

Is there a nearby town whose streets are unfamiliar? A local park you've never sat in? A good café you've not investigated? A local yarn shop whose threshold you've not yet crossed?

Why not?

Pack up a bit of yarn (this week I'm fooling about with stranded color patterns in Hat Box), take it to some place new, and see what happens. If all else fails, try sitting on the other end of the sofa.

Ruts are for cart wheels, my dears. Not for people.

Yours Ever,

Mrs Crosby