Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Cables from a Friend

Dear hearts,

If you've been with me since the beginning of this adventure, you know that designer Fiona Ellis and I are kindred spirits. She was among the first to produce a pattern with one of our yarns–the beautiful Re-Gathering Intentionsand has done it again with exciting results.

Fiona, like your present correspondent, is compelled by insatiable wanderlust.  Born in England, she now lives the life of an expatriate in Canada; even so she cannot help seeking new horizons.

Last year she lived abroad for an extended time in Buenos Aires, Argentina. There, bewitched by the colors and textures of the city, she captured a stream of vivid images...

...and grew fascinated with the city's fabled tango culture.

The tango as it is danced in Buenos Aires is no prim, arid combination of steps to be taken across the floor in between sips of cream tea. It is self-evidently, as dear Robert Frost put it, "a vertical expression of a horizontal desire." He wasn't speaking specifically of tango, so far as I know; but he might as well have been.

Fiona is herself a dancer; so it surprises me not in the least that the sinuous movements and unique beats would have influenced her to design Milonga in our own, dear Steamer Trunk.

Milonga is the name for a tango gathering...

...and in this asymmetrical (but perfectly balanced) cardigan I detect the swoops and turns and clutches of a tango pair in full flight.

If you'd like to join the dance, Milonga is available via Ravelry.

I'll be pleased to burn the floor with you any time, Fiona darling.

Yours Ever,
Mrs. Crosby
San Francisco, California

Thursday, February 19, 2015

A Tulip in February

Dear Hearts,

Word comes from home that although the sunshine is brilliant, the cold is infernal. I cannot help but feel a twinge of guilt at my own situation, enjoying a fresh breeze off Mediterranean in the south of France. But like all twinges, it will pass.

Some come here to plunge into the social whirl like tiny ships flung down the maelstrom. Me, I have come to retreat. Whatever the weather, I turn contemplative in winter. Last night I closed the door of my borrowed cottage to all visitors and, as there isn’t a moon, lit the fire and knit myself to sleep.

The friend who has leant me this corner of solitary heaven is a retired sculptor. As his hands no longer admit the working of fine details he must content himself with collecting. Set into the wall near the fireplace is my favorite of his acquisitions.

Not only is it handsome, but as you can see it makes cracking good yarn storage.

Now, to the happy task at hand: the announcement of our newest monthly contest winner.

Heartiest congratulations to Renee, who interpreted Lindsay Pekny's classic pattern Tulips, A Colorful Cardigan for Baby–in no fewer than four shades of Steamer Trunk.

I find the combination of intense colors from the red/violet stretch of the spectrum with quiet neutrals to be a genuine pleasure–exciting without being overwhelming.

Clearly the cardigan’s recipient agrees.

Renee wrote of her experience, “Your yarns are lovely. The colour is so vibrant, and it’s a joy to work with. I can’t wait to make my next Mrs. Crosby project.”

Thank you, Renee darling, and you need not wait long. In exchange for your good work you will receive fresh skeins of Mrs. Crosby yarn to begin a new adventure. Please be in touch as soon as possible via to arrange for the selection and delivery of your prize.

Dear reader, I do hope you will consider playing, too–for the full details, visit our contest page. The next deadline is March 10, 2015.

And What's More: A Knit-Along

Meanwhile, we are forming our first knit-along, to begin March 1 and focus on Bristol Ivy's brand-new pattern, Newsom. It may look like a plain cardigan at first glance, but guess again. Clever, no? For details, pay a call on our Ravelry group.

Until next we meet, I remain

Yours Ever,
Mrs. Crosby
Tourrettes-sur-Loup, France