Wednesday, July 22, 2015

I Still Say She Started It

Dear hearts,

I love roughing it as much as the next woman, but sometimes what you want is a pile of fluffy pillows at night and a really good pâtisserie within arm's length in the morning. So I write to you from Paris.

Paris is among the first cities I remember visiting as a child; but not because as a petite jeune fille I was precociously obsessed with the tapestries in the Louvre, or flew into pint-sized raptures over the dinner menu La Tour d'Argent.

No, I remember that visit to Paris so well because during an afternoon walk here, in the Parc Monceau, I got into a shrieking, hair-pulling fight with another little girl after she startled a red squirrel I was attempting to photograph and ruined my shot. 

We both of us wound up in the water, much to the consternation of our families, the fish, and the park keeper. I was forbidden sweets for an entire week; and for the remainder of our stay my mother and grandmother got twitchy if we passed within sight of rotunda at the main gate on the Boulevard de Courcelles.

I haven't seen any squirrels today, but have taken this memorial photograph of the field of battle.

I do enjoy sitting here, although decades on I still shudder at the thought of the same keeper (who would probably be about 150 years old) spotting me and once again shooing me out the gates.

The dear old place retains much of the peculiarly English character it had then–being more given to rambling paths and dotty bits of scattered fanciful architecture than most Parisian parks. One thing it has now, and did not then, is quite reliable public wi-fi. That makes it a good place send you word of this month's finished object contest winner.

Applause is due to Lore, who worked up Melanie Berg's "Drachenfels" in three colors of Hat Box: Boston Fern, Crème Fraiche, and Hot Pimiento. Not three ingredients I would mix on a dinner plate, but in a shawl I think the combination is absolutely spot on. Bold! Fresh!

Writes Lore, "I am so pleased with the results of this project. The little arm sneaking into one of the photos is my 1 year old son who loves to steal my hand knits. This was unplanned for the photo, but I adore that the little mischief maker wound up in there."

A good helper is, indeed, a boon to any artist.

Lore, please send word to us via to select your prize skeins. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful work with us!

And if you, dear reader, are not familiar with our contest, please know that it happens each and every month. You'll find all the details, and the entry form, on our Web site. We do hope you will be inclined to join the fun.

I am off to have a bit of a stroll before the brilliant afternoon draws to close. Until next time, mes amis, I am

Yours Ever,
Mrs. Crosby
Paris, France