Wednesday, December 2, 2015

The Crosby Questionnaire: Jen Hagan

And now, dear hearts, the second installment of The Crosby Questionnaire. This time I sent it 'round to Jen Hagan, whose Balla Mara shawl (you'll see it below) for the Figheadh Yarnworks line so surprised me at first sight that I almost fell out of my berth on the tramp steamer to Shanghai.

A person capable of such originality is a person I wish to learn more about. And so...

Where were you born?

Langdale, Alabama–a town that no longer exists.

Where do you live now? And for how long?

Tacoma, Washington, for the past thirteen years.

What place that you’ve lived would you call your favorite? And why?

I love the Pacific Northwest! The climate, the landscape, the culture—it's the best! But who knows where the next adventure will take us?

Do you enjoy travel?

I do, but I love traveling by car the best. I suppose my grandparents instilled a love for road trips in me at a very young age. I have fond memories of roadside picnics with them as we made our way through Georgia and Alabama to visit relatives and attend camp meetings with singings and “dinner on the ground.”

Where have you been that you long to see again? Why?

Washington, DC—the museums! The food! I spent two weeks there once and it wasn't enough.

What new place do you dream of seeing? Why?

British Columbia—we live in driving distance but I have yet to go to the mainland. I loved our trips to Vancouver Island and want to see more!

What is your favorite part of a trip away from home?

Exploring, especially seeing the landscape from a car window. That way, you can stop and further explore anytime and anywhere you want.

What do you like least about being away from home?

I am a homebody, so there is no place like home.

How did you come to be entangled in the world of yarn?

Aran sweaters, of course!

Have you any pet joys in the knitting process?

I love working with yarn in natural fibers. It's alive and it will tell you what it wants to be. There is so much to learn that it could keep me happily occupied forever.

Your Balla Mara shawl, designed with our own Satchel yarn, is remarkably original piece of work. What can you tell us about it?

It began with an image in a dream–which ultimately led to a scarf pattern. From that to the finished shawl was a long journey, with lots (lots!) of charting and tape. It's probably too much to relate here, but I did record the process in detail in my blog.

After reading that, I had to retreat to the loggia with a cold cloth and a bundle of lavender. Amazing, dear Jen. Thank you for being a part of our big, wide world.

To learn more about Jen Hagan, I encourage you to visit her web site; and you may view her prolific and varied designs at Figheadh Yarnworks.