Monday, August 24, 2015

Tropical Warmth

Dear Hearts,

Summer's wane finds me somewhere between corn and beans. That is not, please understand, a folksy idiom suggesting an unsettled state of mind. I mean that I am at present encamped between a field of corn (to the left) and a field of soy beans (to the right). Dash and I are en route to a reunion with old friends at Yellow River State Forest, in Iowa, towing our sweet little camper. For the moment, this is the sweeping view from my window.

The owners of the field have kindly permitted me to tap into their wireless signal, which permits me to announce with pleasure the August winner of our monthly finished object contest.

Heartiest congratulations to Abigail G., who joined together a yarn with a pattern blissfully suited to showing it off. The result: frais, by Alicia Plummer, knit from Hat Box in Toucan.

Abigail says, "Toucan is my favorite color so far."

I applaud Abigail for recognizing how particularly suited our Multis are to textured fabrics that jiggle and joggle the strand around. The overall effect is a happy buzz of color,

and I smile at the juxtaposition of this tropical palette with a piece of cold-weather gear.

Abigail, darling, please drop us a note via to let us know your desires as regards your prize skeins. And thank you so very, very much for sharing with us your beautiful finished work.

Last night, Dash and I shook dice to determine who would fix breakfast this morning before we motor off again, and the smell of coffee tells me he has been good as his word, so I bid you farewell.

Yours Ever,
Mrs. Crosby
Neither Here nor There in Wisconsin