Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Our January Winner: Revealed!

Dear hearts,

I have the pleasure of writing these lines to you from an éscritoire tucked into the turret at the top, the very top, the toppiest bit of the top, of these stairs.

The climb is (almost) enough to keep one from over-indulging in the Beirão before retiring for a nap.

My room is small and spare, very white, with only bed, desk, and cupboard. As you can see, I do have certain modern conveniences like a access to the Internet. However, the fitful nature of the connection suggests that it is powered by an infirm hamster running fitfully in a wheel.

Here, after the tumult of a pell-mell transit across a stormy sea, I am at last able to announce the winner of our first Finished Object Photography Contest.

First, I must thank all who entered; the range of work was so impressive that choosing a victor would have turned me green if the churning sea had not already got there first.

And now, darlings, please join me in congratulating Sarah N., creator of this lovely sweater.

The pattern is “Katie” by designer Karen Borrel, available via Ravelry in both English and French. Sarah’s piece makes use of Steamer Trunk in Smoky Granite and Crème Fraiche.

In addition to Katie’s top-notch execution and fit, we admired the simple but striking, unfussy details–the stranded color work, the thumb loops–that make this one of those pieces simply everyone asks about because they want one. Where did you get it? Where can I get it?

Sarah kindly added, “I absolutely love, love, love your yarns. They feel so good. They smell so good. They look so good. They are my favorite ever!”

One blushes. One also feels compelled to cast on immediately for a Katie of one’s own.

Sarah, do please be in touch with us via to arrange for the selection and delivery of your prize.

The Next Round

Please remember that our contest is monthly, and submissions are being taken now for the next round–you have until February 10, 2015. (If you sent in an entry after January 10, 2015, it is being considered for the February prize.) For complete information and the submission form, visit our contest page.

Lots of luck, dear hearts–and thank you for coming out to play.

Yours Ever,
Mrs. Crosby
Evora, Portugal