Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Hunting for Color

Dear Hearts,

What with one thing and another–where “one thing” is a ranch in Wyoming and “another” is a camp site in Chiapas–I’ve not had a moment to paste into this notebook a few photographs* from my recent stay in Morocco.

In the souk of Marrakesh, where I’ve lingered for many an hour, you will be delighted to find dyers hard at work…

creating yarns in colors so proud and revelatory that make one feel as though one has long been looking at the world through a grey veil…

Of course, when it comes to color Morocco as a whole is nothing short of a revelation. Sometimes, as a game, I pick a color in the morning and see how and where it pops up. These are from a blue day…

I’m simply over the moon to note that our own, dear colors are proving inspirational to a growing cadre of knit and crochet designers. Here follows a list of tremendous patterns either designed with our yarns or noted as being particularly suited to them.

Each title links to the pattern’s Ravelry listing.

Voyager Wrap (Julie Dietz)
Jewel Neck Shell (Karen Connor)
Raspberry Beanie (Lauren Sanchez)
Alice Elizabeth Shawlette (Laura Linneman)
Broadwyn Shawl (Miriam L. Felton)

Gloria Cloche and Headband (Quirky Bird Knits)
Gloria Handwarmers (Quirky Bird Knits)

Oakdale Hat (Darla J. Fanton)
Go Team, Go! Mitts (Lisa Ortale)
Fancy Panties Hat (Lisa Ortale)
Santa Maria Scarf (NorthbrooKnits / Joyce Weida)
Foliage Garland (Kristen Ashbaugh-Helmreich)
Cara Cardigan (Lorna’s Laces)

Where shall we go next?

Yours Ever,
Mrs. Crosby

*Speaking of photographs, I do hope you'll be playing along in our new photography contest.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Fanfare for Finished Objects: Our New Contest!

Dear Hearts,

As the dusk of the year draws in, I have taken in the evenings to poring over photographs–some submitted to our Ravelry group; some sent via e-mail, Facebook, or Twitter; and two delivered by carrier pigeon–of the colorful caravan of pieces you've made with our yarns.

The launch of this bold experiment in early spring was a thrilling, terrifying time. We unfurled the flag and let go the lines hoping you would wish to share in our adventure, and you have. I tell you, I could not be more over the moon if I were orbiting Mars in a space capsule. (Note to self: Next year?)

So fascinating have your own explorations been that I feel we must celebrate and reward them.

To that end, I am pleased to announce the inauguration of...

The Mrs. Crosby Finished Project Photography Contest.

This ongoing competition, open to all fiber artists in the United States, will be very simple in structure. In summary:

  1. You knit, crochet, weave, or otherwise fashion something using Mrs. Crosby yarns.
  2. You present your finished work to us using the online entry form and following our rules and regulations.
  3. We select one champion every month, and reward her or him with a number of fresh skeins equal to those in the project, up to a total of five.
  4. The champion's work will be displayed here, in my blog, to widespread public acclaim.

How does that sound? Will you play? I do so hope you will.

For the first round, our contest deadline will be midnight (American Central Standard Time) of January 10, 2015. We know that at this time of year many of you will have poured heart and soul into utterly fabulous gifts that cannot yet be revealed, so we're allowing extra time.

For complete details, and link to the entry form, I invite you to visit our Web site.

I look forward to seeing what you have made and will make, dear hearts. Onward!

The bell on the chuck wagon indicates that breakfast is served, and so I must away.

Yours Ever,
Mrs. Crosby
Moose, Wyoming