Thursday, March 5, 2015

Cream, Sugar, and New One-Skein Patterns

Dear hearts,

If you've taken a gander (pardon the pun) at our range of "multi" colorways, you will have divined that I am an inveterate bird-watcher. The chance to tiptoe among the toucans is one reason I write to you this morning from Costa Rica, where beautiful plumage abounds.

The evening mail canoe brought a letter from the charming nineteeth-century town of Guthrie, Oklahoma–do you know it? If not, you should. Guthrie is full of delights for the hunter of antiques, of history, and of yarns. It is home to Sealed With a Kiss, a yarn shop with a deservedly fanatical following.

Keely, doyenne of SWAK for lo these many years, wrote to tell me about the tea party she recently threw in my honor. Sadly, high winds prevented us from leaving Pago Pago in time to reach Oklahoma; but the photographs relate that the local knitters believe (as do I) that every day is the perfect day for a Really Good Hat.

Mixed amongst the sandwiches at the party were no fewer than five new one-skein patterns designed specially to go with our yarns. Five patterns, darling. I am prostrate just thinking about it.

Here are two in which I am particularly interested: the classic, textured sock, Dame Audrey

and the elegant keyhole scarf, Miss Vining.

To see the entire collection and read about the party, pop over to the Sealed with a Kiss blog.

And now, as the birds are calling, I must away.

Yours Ever,
Mrs. Crosby
Somewhere in the General Vicinity of Palmar Sur, Costa Rica

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