Monday, September 8, 2014

How Do I Look, Darling?

Dear Hearts,

I have had the most intriguing message from a knitter named Emily.

Now, Emily is in the employ of one of our company's dear friends–Eat, Sleep, Knit. Even so, the vagaries of chance have prevented our meeting face-to-face.

Emily offered a veritable bouquet of compliments about a bundle of yarns we'd sent over, and then–and this is the intriguing part–she told me that she'd imagined me to be:

"…a beautiful elderly traveler… dressed in a peacock blue suit with a beautifully knit cream shawl and large gold jeweled brooch…".

Was she right? Am I thus? Perhaps. Perhaps not. The thing is, my dears–though I am not shy in most respects, when a camera is pointed in my direction I will more often than not retreat behind the brim of my hat.

I have on occasion sat with pleasure for a painter or sculptor, but I'm not much for being casually photographed. I travel not only to see things but to watch people. People are most like themselves when I blend quietly into the background. And so there I most often choose to remain.

But after Emily's message, I am curious.

You and I, we have probably not had the chance to sit down over drinks for a tête-à-tête. Have you wondered what I look like? Do you imagine me as tall? Short? Slender? Plump? Pale? Dark? Young? Old? Very old?

Paint me a word picture, if you would please–and just for the ducks of it, let's make it a bit of a contest. In the comments below, tell me how you imagine me to look.

What we judge to be the most creative description will receive a skein of Carpet Bag, and a copy of the "Bettie's Bell" hat pattern by Beth Gonder. Cute, is it not?

(No, that is not me in the photograph.)

Entries posted below in the comments for this post, and only those entries, will be considered.  One per person, if you please – and we regret that wholly anonymous entries cannot be counted as we would have no way to let you know if you've won. Your submission must at least include your Ravelry name.

Entries will be accepted through noon, Central Standard Time, on Monday, September 15, 2014. The winner will be announced here, in the blog, a day or so thereafter.

I shall look forward with great anticipation to reading what you scribble.

Yours Ever,
Mrs. Crosby
East Rosebud Lake, Montana


  1. You are tall, but not especially so. You are striking more than beautiful. You carry yourself with grace, pride. and an aura of mystery. People remember how you make them feel rather than what you look like.


  2. You are a lady of "a certain age", with a warm easy smile and twinkling eyes. You dress in a tastefully subtle manner, but always always always have a fabulous hand knit item on your person - a hat or scarf or a pair of flashy socks peeping out from under your slacks. Being the world traveler you are, you regularly regale your admirers with your adventures.

  3. Hmm, I'd entered a comment but it appears to have been lost in the ether.

    I had pictured you as something along the lines of the narrator of the Diary of a Provincial Lady series. Tall and slim, probably with dark hair but perhaps not, in stunning 1930s travel wear, as is only appropriate. You always have a handbag to stash away tea and some small knitting and of course, wear a hat to protect from the elements. Ravelry name: PhireAngel

  4. Dear Mrs. Crosby,

    In the all too brief blog posts and succinct Tweets, you appear as an elegant, refined woman who is without parallel in ageless style and manner. I imagine that you dress in the figure-flattering classics, with a colorful jaunty accessory such as a fluttery shawlette or carefully curated head wear to highlight your coloring and ensemble. When I picture you, it is aboard a sailing vessel harbored near Capri, dressed in a pale linen with a bright sea blue neck scarf caught by the breeze. Those in your party are at ease, laughingly enthralled by your latest tales of adventure near and far, and of the lovely people you've had the pleasure of encountering on your journeys.

    I so look forward to having the pleasure of meeting you in person in the near future.

    SDKnitter - Mary

  5. Love it! Love you! Rav name = helloknitters

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  7. Amy Robertson September 8, 2014 at 8:37 PM
    Mary Poppins! Mary always carried her special, mystery, magical "carpet bag". I believe you have a magical bag as such, full of beautiful Mrs. Crosby Yarn, mostly Carpet Bag of course. You are fun like Mary, yet a little bit mysterious. Mary knows what's best but would never boast to others. She has bright dreams and imagination beyond words. Mary is hard working, but to her it is not work, rather a passion. She steps up when needed, but prefers staying in the background. She is calm yet unsettled. When all is well she moves on to spread happiness to others (with her smile and supercalifragilistic yarn), as I recall Mary was a knitter too! Much to Mary's liking of hats, you have your own collection as a wearer of many hats (multi-talented). Like Mary I picture you as one to be whimsical and be found dancing in the rain. Your yarns resemble the murals that grace Mary's nearby park. Nobody gets anything over Mary. She has a way of being an orderly and strict boss, without ever being seen as such. Any knitting day is indeed a jolly holiday.

  8. Smart, elegant, graceful, always dressed appropriately for the occasion, hair coiffed just so, with a discreet tattoo - a reminder of a scandalous French affair that very nearly ended a monarchy.

  9. I imagine you to be relatively tall with a slender build. Perhaps somewhere between young with dark hair and beginning to turn a silvery color. Wearing skirt suits that are in the same hues as your beautiful yarns. Not to mention to hat that I keep thinking has a large bird on it reminiscent of the one Neville Longbottom's Grandmother wears in Harry Potter. Not a vulture though, but maybe a small teal with it's neck craned up to see. I also envision sensible shoes like mary janes in a shiny-ish deep cranberry color. I will say, your look is distinctive but definitely difficult to pinpoint in my imagination.

  10. Lilllie Langtry comes to mind, English, upper middle class, a lady of intellect, subtlety and warmth who beguiles all. Your face is not your fortune, far from it--beauty fades. But charm and wit are timeless, and you possess an endless amount of both. Compassionate, strong, discreet of course, and above all engaged, interested, and observant. A lady whose guests feel as if they've been wrapped in cotton wool and silk for the duration of their stay, such is the attention to detail and comfort you provide. Quite like your yarns, which make me feel like a master knitter from the cast on to the bind off, never once betraying (in any way) the truth, that I am merely adequate. Graceful and elegant are my stitches and confident my manner, when Mrs. Crosby has me in hand; generous and understanding her nature when I take up, momentarily, with another yarn. For she knows I'll return, and she'll greet me as warmly as if I'd never left.

  11. You were born and raised in Kansas and taught respect for people, hard work, and the value and beauty of things made by hand. Mrs. Pringle, your school librarian, introduced you to the wider world through her impressive collection of National Geographic magazines. You won a scholarship to Oxford where you met your husband, Dr. Alistair Crosby, a noted archeologist who took you to Egypt to celebrate your graduation and wedding. You traveled together through countries as diverse as Peru and Tanzania. You began wearing black after his untimely death brought about by a caiman knocking his scaffolding out from under him as he was trying to decipher a Mayan hieroglyphic. The sale of the paperback and movie rights to the story of your exemplary husband’s adventurous life has allowed you to continue to travel the world in elegant style. You continue to wear black, even when your deep grief for your beloved husband had begun to temper because you realized that it helped you “blend quietly into the background.” However, you love color, so you indulge this passion in your yarn. You swore you would never marry again as it was obvious you could never replace dear Ali. But lately you have begun to realize that life is full of surprises and you are no longer so certain of what may lie ahead. Debbie VanDerMolen

  12. That's fun :D

    I can't tell what, but in my mind you are between 160 and 170cm tall, maybe as old as I am (in your forties ;o)), darker brown or black hair (not too long) and your eyes in a warmer color- kind of oriental maybe...
    You love to wear female but casual cloths- flowing lines (but not only wide and boxy!), maybe some nice lace peeking out, but not too romantic, and you love the fashion you can see women wearing in the Charlie Chaplin movies! A cloche is YOUR accessory!
    You love to combine bright colors or neutrals ( really I can't imagine your always wearing neutrals, nude...) with bright colors, you love to laugh, sing, talk, you turn the radio loud when there is a song you love! I can hear you humming while doing your work... In my imagination you're the kind of woman, who's "glass is always half full, not half empty"!
    You love the small details- and you love to wear small, special details :o)
    You're adventurous and give many things a try: strange food, new hobbies and techniques, new people- and you love to travel...

    Until now I didn't realize how detailed my imagination paints a picture of a person I never met or saw. Even if it isn't the right one- it surprises me! :D

    ilovemycello on ravelry

  13. In my world, the lovely Mrs.Crosby is a happy. lovely blend of Mary Poppins & Jessica Fletcher all rolled into one! Mary Poppins did travel with a carpet bag, after all!

    Amibug on ravelry :)

  14. You are charming and witty and kind, even when you don't necessarily want to be, which endears you to thousands and serves you well in the wide variety of situations in which you find yourself. You were born to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear, do it with panache while having a ball, and then delight others by showing them how to do the same. You are attracted to the classic over the trendy, the high brow over the low, the refined over the rude. You greatly enjoy travel and adventure, almost as much as you enjoy returning home. The knitting world has been immeasurably brightened by your decision to grace us with your style and creativity. Wait! That has nothing to do with looks? It fits, because looks are irrelevant to you; you are not one to judge a book by its cover.

    winterspastkris on ravelry

  15. I brought home a skein of carpet bag from the Knitter's Fair yesterday. I've been petting the skein and listening to it's story.
    Mrs. Crosby conceived it, created it and sent it out into the world to make it a better place.

    "But what is Mrs. Crosby like?" I asked, intrigued with the mystery. "She is striking, lusty, loving and creative" the lone skein of peacock informed me.

    "She is a woman of a certain age who does not suffer fools gladly, but who expects the best from everyone. She especially loved me as I matched her eyes." Here the skein seemed to lose a little life as peacock realised their life was very different now. Just one of many skeins in a well curated stash, peacock could feel a little of their self esteem waning.

    "It's going to be alright you know. Winter is coming and I need a new hat. Your colour isn't far from my own eye hue. I promise you won't languish for long."

    Peacock considered this promise and replied "Mrs. Crosby had whispered to each of us that we would transform lives. We were special, we were going to travel the world as she does, with her entourage, and change people. Don't let me down. Don't let Mrs. Crosby down."

    "Of course not", I replied as I picked up my needles. "I will make you into the most miraculous hat"

    "Thank you. From that vantage point I will continue to scan the crowds for the elusive Mrs. Crosby"

    I sighed, thinking nothing would make this skein satisfied. Why was this skein so intent to find Mrs. Crosby?

    "I want to introduce her to my new friend. It's lovely here." Ravelry name mommaontherun

  16. Mrs. Crosby is under 50. Sophisticated. Can handle her liquor and any man that comes her way. I think she is well-dressed, well-traveled and well-read. I think she would make the best travel companion ever; perhaps on the Orient Express. I think she can knit her way out of any mess and isn't half bad with a badminton racquet either. I wish we were friends.