Friday, September 19, 2014

O, Canada!

Dear Hearts,

One of the delights of visiting Canada–and if you have not yet, you must–is that the nation is so very much what you imagine it ought to be. Friendly, polite, outdoorsy, and unabashedly generous when it comes to handing round the beer.

I fell in love with the idea of Canada as a little girl, curled up on a balcony seat in a fading second-run movie palace, watching Nelson Eddy (as a Mountie with a golden voice) crooning to Jeanette MacDonald in Rose Marie.

At that moment I knew I wanted nothing more than to cross the border into a magic land of moonlit lakes, clear air, and handsome law enforcement officials with perfect pitch.

It has never yet disappointed me.

I cannot myself spend as much time in the gorgeous north as I might wish, so I am over the moon to report that after the most recent Knit Trade Sunday our yarns will be débuting at no fewer than eleven Ontario shops.

Here they are:
AB Originals (Rockwood)
Eliza's Buttons and Yarn (Barrie)
Grey Heron (Collingwood)
Kniterary (Whitby)
Purlin' J's Roving Yarn Company (Kingston)
Serenity Knits (Newmarket)
Sheeps Ahoy (Nepean)
Singing Hearts Studio (Orillia)
Stix and Stones (North Bay)
Sweet Yarns (Sudbury)
The Wool  Boutique (London)
Elsewhere in Canada, the wonderful people of The Needle Emporium–who have been friends from the first–brought us to the Kitchener-Waterloo Knitters' Guild Knitters' Fair, where much good company and many fine knitters. You can read all about it (and marvel at the number of suitcases required) if you'll just pop over to the shop's blog.

Must dash now, darlings, as the clock on the mantel indicates it's time to dress for my curling lesson.

Yours Ever,
Mrs. Crosby
Calgary, Alberta

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