Tuesday, September 16, 2014

I Fell In with Playful Companions

Dear Hearts,

It does a woman good to sit down at an internet café in Dubrovnik, open her blog and find more than a dozen dauntless souls have joined in her game.

As I expected, our circle of friends does not run short of imagination. I laughed aloud to find myself compared variously to Mary Poppins (quite a compliment), Neville Longbottom's grandmother (ditto), and Lillie Langtry (I blush!).

A good hostess? I do hope so. An optimist? I should say so. A clotheshorse? Guilty, darling. So guilty.

I do hasten to reassure all (including the gentleman himself) that my beloved husband, Dash Crosby, is still very much in the present tense. You may read the story of our first meeting here.

As to the rest–the dark, the fair, the slim, the less so…I think it best at present to leave the veil of mystery in place. Not to mention that veils are very much au courant this season, at least in certain happy quarters where a good hat is still an object of admiration.

Now, as to the winner. Who shall be our winner?

This was our first game, and upon reflection I find myself inclined to dispatch grand prizes (one skein of Carpet Bag, and the "Bettie's Bell" pattern), to three of you:

CanAm, whose suggestion that I nearly toppled a monarchy with a love affair hit terribly close to the mark. (You mustn't ask, dear hearts. One has pledged never to tell.)

Widha, whose evocation of perfect hospitality reminded me of the person whom I wish to be, and hope I sometimes am.

Mommaontherun, who carries off the prize for cleverness with her imaginary (?) conversation with a skein of our yarn. (We thank you for giving it a good home.)

And I also wish to hand Honorable Mentions to…all the rest who entered:



Abigail Goben


Tom T

Amy (Noknotz)


Debbie VanDerMolen (Debbieamy)



For keeping me company here in Croatia, as I sip a flavored soda and ponder where to wander next, I would like to send you tokens of esteem drawn from my Ephemera lines of soap (from Thrive Handcrafts); or gift tags (from a. favorite design).

If you are listed above, I invite you (in the next week or so, please) to be in touch via the e-mail address frolic@mrscrosbyplays.com with a mailing address, so that we may dispatch your prizes with all due haste.

Now, what shall our next game be?

Yours Ever,
Mrs. Crosby
Dubrovnik, Croatia


  1. Mrs. Crosby,
    Thank you so much for the opportunity to create and fantasize - the perfect compliment to our dear knitting.